Being Green in the Green Mountain State

Here in the Green Mountain state, we have been green before being green was cool. We love our state and planet too! Each year we take a look at our operations & procedures & try to to improve our stewardship of this planet on loan to us. If we ever question if this is worth it, we just look at children and imagine what they will have to do to fix our indulgences.

So, here is what we are doing this year:

  • providing compost recepticles
  • using compostable trash bags
  • providing biodagradable utensils, plates & foodwraps.
  • Using bleach free products whenever available
  • Our tinfoil is sourced as a recyled product (not as common as you would hope!)
  • our used fry oil helps fuel our local farm equipment.
  • our cleaning products are 100% natural, sustaniable, plant based food grade and kosher certified. Plus they really work well.
  • all new equipment purchases are energy star rated.
  • all lighting is CFL
  • All produce is purchased locally and sourced locally when possible

Go on love our state, and tread lightly!