To our Wahoo’s Patrons: 

This past winter we began planning how best to celebrate our 20th anniversary- yes, you read the correctly- 20 years!  We planned for a float in the Old Home Week Parade, we had even gone back and found the names of 120 + former employees spanning the 20-years; we so looked forward to sharing these memories with you.  Then came the new reality that we are all navigating.

In reflecting on our 20 years, we attribute our successful operations to three things:
1) Consistent commitment to quality food with exceptional service
2) Dedicated Wahoo team members- THEY are the business
3) You, our passionate and committed patrons
It is for these exact same reasons that we held off opening this season.  While we could have opened for takeout-only service, our concern for the safety of our team and patrons and the continued fidelity to #1-3 led us to hold off our opening date.
Governor Scott will be announcing guidelines for the safe operations of restaurants with outdoor seating on 5/22/20.  We will take this guidance and apply this to make modifications to our menu and service to better protect our employees and patrons.  We do not have an exact opening date as yet- only a pledge that is coming sooner than later, and that when we open we will be 100% dedicated to maintaining the trust you have given us these past 20 years.  We are of course still planning to celebrate our 20th anniversary throughout the Wahoo season and look forward seeing you soon.  Please help us celebrate this special year by positing and tagging your photos and favorite memories.
Thank you in advance for your continued patronage- we can’t wait to welcome your business and relish your buns !!
Ketchup with you soon,
Adam & Karen 
Fran & Team

Wilmington Vermont Restaurant offering family dining.  Ice Cream stand featuring creemee style ice cream and sorbets.  Giffords hard scoop ice cream now available! Over 17 flavors of ice cream available for your next Wilmington visit.

Wahoo’s Eatery has everything from wraps to burgers, sides and ice cream. We even have healthy alternatives!

We are located in Wilmington, Vermont on Route 9 E. Check out our menu and give us a call.

We look forward to seeing you at Wahoo’s!

Being Green in the
Green Mountain State

Here in the Green Mountain state, we have been green before being green was cool. We love our state and planet too! Each year we take a look at our operations & procedures & try to to improve our stewardship of this planet on loan to us. If we ever question if this is worth it, we just look at children and imagine what they will have to do to fix our indulgences. So, here is what we are doing this year: click for details…